Innovative solutions

  • Distribution of gas and water injection technology
  • Physical foaming
  • Consulting and training for these technologies
  • Accessories


The Stieler Kunststoff Service GmbH distributes hardware from our own plant engineering founded in 2009 alongside the original company. Thus, we are in a position to directly integrate process experiences and customer requests into optimized plant engineering.

We have our own special developments and offer services for installation, consulting, and training in parallel to plant engineering. This enables us to operate worldwide.

Stieler supports you with your product and mold design as well as with the practical aspects of mold proving and product launching. Stieler also helps to find the ideal composition of aggregate components, it provides the injection technology, and optimizes customer processes. Trainings in theory and practice are held in our own premises. These include, for training purposes, a training room for a maximum of 30 students and a technical center with 4 injection molding machines.

Water injection molding is one of our special technologies. In 2001, Stieler together with a customer developed the world’s first standard-production application. Furthermore, Stieler is the only company to offer the well-proven COOL FLOW SYSTEM, a technology that uses cold gas for flushing and thus has reduced the cycle time of GIT parts up to 40 %. The gas injection through the hot runner “GaNaSys” in combination with a molded sealing of the gas injection point is also a proprietary development of Stieler. The Stieler SmartFoam® system (physical foaming) is considered to be a distinctive technology. It is one of the most efficient injection moldings as well as particularly environment-friendly.