Heat & Cool Systems – for perfect surfaces

HeaCo System: external steam production

Pressurized water ist sprayed into a cylinder heated by electric energy. The sprayed in water is vaporized in milliseconds with 2.8 times more energy content than water. It is a unique solution to generate a high pressure and high temperature steam. An environmental friendly system with high energy efficiency: Steam temperatures up to 350 °C, pressure 35 bar.

EmCo System: steam production inside the mold

The medium water converts to steam. The medium in the slot conducts the energy for heating and cooling directly to the needed point. No Energy loss, due to the fact that the energy is generated and used inside the mold. Energy saving, less cooling water needed, higher productivity.
The EmCo Units are working with 32 ampere plugs up to a mold size of  1.5 x 1.5 m.

Your benefits with heat & cool systems:

  • No visible weld lines
  • No sink marks
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Closed high purity water circuit
  • Low space requirement for peripherals
  • Auxiliary equipment
  • Simple retrofitting in existing molds
  • Long flow paths
  • Low filling pressure
  • Low stress in product