Advanced Temperature Control using CO2 – for reduction of hot spots

Cores, fins, domes, mass concentrations etc. often cannot be cooled as there is no room for water-cooling. In such cases, conventional water-cooling reaches its physical limits. To achieve shorter cycle times, a homogeneous thermal economy within a tool is necessary (no hotspots). Liquid CO2 is pulsed into the mold near to the hot spot and used as cooling medium by vapurizing.

Your benefits with advanced temperature control:

  • Extremly reduces cool- and cycletime
  • Harmonized temperature in mold and product
  • Prevention of voids and sink marks so as adhesion at core
  • Temperature control also at extremly small mold areas
    by using bore diameter from 0.8 to 2 mm
  • Precise and simple handling
  • Use with all mold construction materials
  • Increase of quality and effectivity by using of
    self sustaining temperature control system